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About Us

Origins of Timepieces NZ


The business was launched in Cromwell, Central Otago in 1996 by James Hay trading under the name Hay Timepieces. It was humble beginnings with the first workshop being setup at the end of a single garage with a sheet separating the workshop from the garage.


It wasn’t long before a home based workshop was built and the business was operated from there for the next five years.

The business was then relocated to Outram along with a change in trading name to what it is today, TIMEPIECES NZ. Clientele is such that, despite the move and name change, the business continued to grow and the vast and diverse experience and knowledge of clocks and watches of James Hay is in high demand.


Background of Timepieces NZ


James Hay, trade certified watchmaker, now has over 40 years experience in restoration and repair of timepieces such as watches, pocket watches, clocks and barometers.


James was trained and has been based in New Zealand where watch and clock restorers are exposed to, and are experienced with, clocks and watches from everywhere in the world. This experience ranges from the modern quartz watch through to some of Dunedin’s historic turret clocks including Dunedin Municipal Chambers clock, Dunedin Railway Station clock and Port Chalmers Iona Church clock.


A more notable and challenging restoration job was the Beverly clock, a highly unusual and world famous clock which is in the University of Otago physics department. It had not been running since 1999 until it was restored in 2006.

James Hay

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